It is never easy on those that are handed the task of administrator or executor of an estate either by probate or conservatorship. Many people in this situation are dealing with seemingly endless time-consuming tasks throughout the Probate process. Many maybe feeling a bit overwhelmed with family and creditors along with the avalanche of calls and letters from real estate agents and investors trying to get the property at a low price. It can all be just too much and we understand that handling real estate is just one small part of all your duties as probate administrators.

But here is the good news. We can make your life much easier. We are your solution to issues involving Probate Real Estate sales and will make the process simple and easy.

  • It is invaluable to have someone locally you can call on and trust with questions, concerns.

  • We have reputable contacts and service providers to servicing probate properties. This can be particularly helpful for clients that are from out of state.

  • We use or expertise to getting homes sold with little or not effort required of the executor and or family members.

When settling an estate, many estate heirs/administrators may be concerned about the potential cost of services and professionals. We may be able to relieve some of that anxiety so before you start looking for a Texas probate lawyer, you need to speak to us. WHY?

  • We understand probate especially when real estate is involved.

  • It may be much more cost effective to talk to us before you choose a probate attorney. 

  • We have a team made up of attorneys, title, and appraisers that we work with serving their client needs at the highest levels of expertise and client care.

As experts in Probate Real Estate Sales, we will serve and guide our clients through the complex process of selling properties both in and out of probate. We are a full service brokerage able to address any challenges and keep you fully informed throughout the transaction.

What You Can Expect From Excalibur Luxury Properties!

Useful information at no cost or obligation from you. The probate process can be stressful and you may have many questions on what to expect.

What is your property worth?

You can request an online home evaluation. Also a more in depth evaluation can be requested to better determine what can be done to prepare the property for sale and sell for the highest price possible to net the estate the most money. CLICK HERE TO REQUEST YOUR FREE HOME EVALUATION.

Real Estate is typically the greatest asset of the estate and all properties are not the same. Depending upon your needs and desired goals, you have options - knowing these options gives you flexibility and power to make a more informed decision.

Determine what services you require.

Often there may be other services that are required to get the home ready for sale. These can range from:

  • Estate Sales to Clean outs and Hauling.

  • Property Appraisals.

  • Contractors.

  • Home inspection.

  • Staging and so much more.

  • Listing the property and managing the sale to closing.

We offer a consultation process to provide you with advice tailored to fit your personal objectives and needs. We will be working with Families, Attorneys, Executors and Administrators through to a smooth closing keeping you informed every step of the way. Getting the property sold using our marketing that is extensive and designed for your property to meet your specific goals.