Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fixed rate mortgages are easily the most popular home financing solutions that are offered. Beyond conforming fixed rate financing, there is also fixed rate mortgage programs for products such as jumbo loans, FHA mortgages, VA loans, USDA mortgages, and more.

Fixed Rate Loan Highlights

  • Available in 30, 20, 15, and 10 year terms

  • Low money down fixed rate financing available through FHA, VA, and USDA mortgages

  • Fixed rate options available for jumbo loans

  • Rate stays fixed throughout the life of the loan



Adjustable Rate Loans

Looking for a short term home loan solution? Adjustable rate mortgages have introductory rate periods which last for a set number of years. The note rate during these introductory rate windows are often lower than can be found with a fixed rate mortgage alternative. After the introductory rates come to an end, the rates can adjust up or down depending upon the loans’ margins, caps, and the indexes which the loans are tied to.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Program Highlights

  • Offering a number of adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) programs including 3/1, 5/1, and 7/1 ARMs.

  • Low introductory rates can potentially save borrowers money in the short term.

  • Adjustable rate mortgages carry a higher degree of risk as rates can and do adjust after the introductory rate periods end.



Low & Zero Money Down Options (FHA, VA, USDA)

Looking to buy a home with little to no money down? Offering a number of low money down financing programs including FHA loans, VA mortgages, and USDA rural housing loans. Not sure which one might be right for you? Give us a call and one of our mortgage consultants will go through the pros and cons of each program so that you can make a well informed decision.

Low and Zero Down Program Highlights

  • VA loans offer zero down mortgage solutions for eligible active duty servicemen and women, military veterans, and surviving spouses.

  • FHA mortgages are low money down programs which require as little as 3.5% down payment.

  • USDA rural housing loans are a 100% financing alternative for lower income borrowers looking to purchase property in designated rural communities.



Jumbo Loans

Looking to finance a loan amount exceeding $417,000? If so, you may need to consider a jumbo mortgage solution. Offering a variety of fixed rate and adjustable rate jumbo loans for primary residences, second homes, and 1-4 unit investment properties.

Jumbo Financing Highlights

  • Designed for loan amounts exceeding areas’ conforming loan limits.

  • Outside of higher priced areas, $417,000 is typically the limit.

  • Both fixed rate and adjustable rate jumbo loan programs.



Standard 203K Home Improvement Loans

Are you looking to purchase a home that needs some renovations? Do you currently own a property and are searching for an affordable way to finance some improvements? Offering 203k FHA rehabilitation loans exactly for these purposes.

203K Program Highlights

  • Unlike most construction loans and home equity lines of credit, borrowers will only have one mortgage at the low rates available for first mortgage financing.

  • Available for many types of properties used as primary residences.

  • Purpose of the program is to facilitate uncomplicated rehabilitation and/or improvements to properties for which plans, consultants, engineers and architects are not required. However, a HUD Consultant is required.



Programs for Lower Credit Scores

The past decade has been a roller coaster in the financial and real estate markets and many consumers have had some financial hardships which have impacted their personal credit. If you’re looking to purchase or refinance a home but don’t think you’ll be able to qualify, you may be surprised that you do indeed have options. Offering an FHA mortgage program where credit guidelines are less restrictive when compared to those of most conventional financing outlets.

Some Potential Options for Lower Credit Applicants

  • FHA Mortgages – Offering a number of fixed rate and adjustable rate FHA mortgage programs at competitive interest rates.

  • One of our FHA programs allows for credit scores as low as 580-639 (subject to change – contact us for the most up-to-date guidelines).

  • VA Loans – Financing solutions for eligible military veterans, active duty service personnel, and surviving spouses.

  • USDA Rural Housing Loans – Potential option for lower income borrowers in designated rural areas.


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