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Purchasing Your Home

Any major purchase requires research, careful analysis, consideration, and thought. Home buying isn't any different! There are many factors to think about in your search for the right home such as location, the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, size and investigating the neighborhoods that best suites your needs.

You will spend a lot of time looking online and will get to know almost everything you could know about the homes before you even get an appointment to see the them. With all the time and effort you put into this, we feel that you should get rewarded for this because you are helping us make it a very efficient process. We have created a buyers rebate program to give back to our buyers at closing.


Home Buying Can Be Easy when you work with us!

The Process and what you can expect from us.

Shop for homes doing the things you are already doing to find a home. With our online tools, finding the right house is made easier. Customized home search on our website using your online account that will send you new and updated listings as they become available on MLS so you will be the first to know.  Use this as your own personal portal to save your favorites and keep track of all your notes and showings all in one place.  

Scheduling an appointment to see all your favorites that you want to see is easy and you can even make an offer the same day.

We submit  your offer once you find the right home. We guide you through the negotiations looking out for your best interest to get your offer excepted for the best possible deal. We make sure you understand the contract and all that you are agreeing to.

Once your offer is accepted, we are buy your side for inspections, repairs, compliance, title and escrow companies, mortgage companies and home warranty through to a smooth closing with confidence.

Close and get your rebate.

Rebates - where does it come from?

What is a buyer's rebate? When a home is listed in MLS the buyers agent will receive a commission from the seller. As your buyer's rep, we will receive the commission of which we share with you upon closing and funding.

Should you use a realtor when buying from a builder? The answer to that is YES for several reasons. The builder also offer realtor commissions. However, that money is not paid out when you do not use a realtor. The builder keeps that money as they can not lower the price because you don't have a realtor so if you dont't use us as your buyer's agent then you are leaving money on the table. We are an added value to you in the transaction not to mention all the things we can do for you in the process. You can think of it as a way to get below the builders bottom line that others could not do because they did not use a realtor.The amount of commission rebate you receive when buying from a builder depends on the incentives received and will vary per builder.

Other reasons to use a realtor when buying from a builder include help with negotiations, inspections, avoiding pitfalls and mistakes that can cost your money.

Do you have a home to sell? Check out our Sellers Page. You will see due to our low selling fees, the buyer's rebate could potentially refund all your selling fees back resulting in FREE selling services. How much you get back depends on the package and price of home you choose.

Choose your rebate options - You have choices!

Pre-owned homes:

Receive up to 1.5% commission rebate when the buyer's agent commission is 3% upon closing and funding.

You look, research and find the house that you decide to make an offer on just as you would be doing anyway.

Let us know when you want to make on offer and we will take care of the rest guiding you through out the process so you can purchase with confidence. The time you spend doing your research to find the right house saves us time making it a more efficient process allowing us to give you such a high rebate. If you require more showing appointments, the commission rebate is reduced to 1%. In cases when showings are to numerous or excessive this may result in loss of commission rebate.

Most DFW areas are covered. Call for a consultation to go over your needs and goals.

Start your MLS search here.

New Construction Home Builders:

Receive up to 4% commission rebate. The actual amount is dependent upon the commission or incentives offered by the builders as well as number of showings required.

You will be searching new home builders and find the home you want to purchase or build.

As you visit the builders, let them know your being represented by Excalibur Luxury Properties so they will honor the commission. Otherwise we can't give you a rebate.

We are here for consultations and questions as there are many things we can help you with through out the process of buying a new home. Do not hesitate to call upon us for advice and guidance through out the process.

We will work for you with your sales consultant for the new home builder. Remember that they are great to work with and are there to help you but they represent the builder not you. We are there to look out for your best interest and be sure you are getting the best deal possible.

We have listings of new homes to help you with your search. Check out our links below to get started.

The first 2 links are an interactive map. You can zoom into an area and it will automatically adjust to homes available in the area. You can also redefine the search as you see fit once your on the map page.

MLS - completed builder homes

MLS - incomplete builder homes

NHS - listings from builder homes not found in MLS


If you have a home to sell check out our Sellers Page. You will see due to our low selling fees, the buyer's rebate could potentially refund all your selling fees back resulting in FREE selling services.

Additional information to keep in mind.

You must agree to use Excalibur Luxury Properties as your buyer's representative with a buyer's rep agreement so you can secure your rebate and know what you can expect and move forward with confidence.

The rebate must be included on your closing statements and can not violate any state or federal rules and regulations.

Your rebate is subject to lender approval. Some loan programs may limit or deny your rebate. Get with your lender to get clarification as to what you may receive and how.

To receive your rebate, the purchase price must be $300,000 or greater and the commission offered must be no less then 3%. For homes that do not meet this criteria please call to discuss what we can do for you.


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